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When you wear POLOK S1 sunglasses, you are embodying a deep interpretation of current modernism and futurism combined with the best classical achievements in the history of sunglasses. Turning this frame into an ambiguous eclectic object that moves between undefined lines of classicism and avant-garde; providing a feeling of magic that is really difficult to explain.

These frames are pure magic. A magic that you will experience from the moment that you wear them. In that moment, you can feel what they represent and want to be a part of it.

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It is a unique design full of energy, irreverence, prominence and represents pure knowledge and distinction. It is impossible not to attract attention with these frames. It is a new and unknown stage. It is in this setting and space that Polok's magnetism will feed with all the brave hearts that will wear this frame in the future.

People who are passionate and addicted to living a beautiful life. People who truly believe in freedom as the one and only requirement to be active in every dream.

These are not just another pair of black sunglasses, they are POLOK. You will never forget this name.

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Back in the 50s, after entering popular culture with the help of a wide list of personalities, musicians, actors and filmmakers including James Dean, Roy Orbison, Marley or the Beatles, black acetate frames began to displace the popular metallic frames throughout counterculture.

With the rise of new wave music and widespread popularity in the film industry, black acetate frames became a recognizable icon deeply internalized in modern life, a symbol. It is this symbolic essence and charm that POLOK S1 captures. POLOK is not just a brand for sunglasses, it is a model-brand strategy. POLOK S1 is the name of this frame and it is just the first of many iterations.

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Black sunglasses can sometimes make eye contact impossible. Zero eye contact could be considered desirable or cool in certain circles and create implications for non-verbal communication. The film industry presented a new need to protect the eyesight of actors, directors and crew who were exposed to strong lights on sets and in flash photography. Even in public places it became important to release visual fatigue caused by strong light in any way. It was at this time that famous icons, rock stars, politicians and sportsmen started to follow this flow as well.

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POLOK is not here to reach targets. POLOK is here to restore the black-frame to its unique, iconic and high quality roots.

The race to reach every niche market possible has been accomplished by multiplying the finishes, shapes and alternatives to ridiculous levels. Today, each brands formula for success is to produce as many designs and finishes as possible to increase their chances of reaching different parts of the market. As a result, the opposite is achieved. Further, product and material quality is sacrificed to achieve this volume.

POLOK S1 is the first MODEL-BRAND frame on the market, focusing on a single design. It is a unique and yet somehow classic singular frame, here to flip the flow in the opposite direction. It is an innovative project to create a solid alternative. A return to the simplicity and modernity of the powerful look, released after many years of uncontrolled mass production of new models and designs.